Unicycling as way of life?


  • Is it a way of life for you?
  • Are you hooked for life?
  • Is it your "religion"?
  • Can you see yourself still riding at 70, 80...and beyond?
  • Or do you think you might burn out long before that? [/LIST]

    For some, life would be BORING without it. Riding with 3,500 b*kes is anything but, and the crowd loves it! :smiley: (My answers to 1-4:yes. #5 hope not.)

  • All of them except 5.I have moved along way into a new house just so i have someone to ride with and hes one of the best in the world

    Nice riding, filming, and bell ringing there Terry! Just amazing!

    where did you move? and who are you riding with?

    Thanks Ken, and…
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :smiley:

    I live with Christian Huriwai now

    :astonished: you just live with him? thats crazy!

    epic…we better see some awesome vids now :stuck_out_tongue:

    Thanks Terry!

    About riding into my 70-80s, I’m planning to keep on rolling, but every ride is gift.

    The gift that keeps on giving! :slight_smile: