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I am forwarding a message I received from Bob Johnson, who is working on a
mathematical model of unicycling and has just joined the list. Send replies and
followups to the unicycling list, or to Bob at Bob.Johnson@durham.ac.uk.


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> Hi Beirne . . . I picked up your name/address as author of unicycling FAQs on
> the net. Maybe you can steer me (a non-unicyclist I should say) to any
> existing literature on mathematical models of how unicycles work – i.e. how,
> according to standard laws of mechanics, anyone can turn the pedals in such a
> way as to make the thing stable upright, maybe even move around.
> My interest? Comes from a student project on a related topic of models
> of how you can balance a pole upright on your hand by moving your hand
> about. Most people can do this much more easily than ride a unicycle, I
> guess.
> Anyhow, the model I have now shows (in math terms) how balance is
> achieved and describes unstable and rocking modes too. I’d like to know
> how it fits in with what’s already known, both in terms of such theory
> and, of course, real life.
> Any help or suggestions much appreciated.
> With all good wishes, Bob.
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