Unicycling article in City Cycling

I received an e-mail a couple of days ago from the editor of City Cycling (a free online cycling magazine based in Scotland), asking if I had any photos and information that he could use for an article about unicycling.

The article is about how he became interested in unicycling and decided to learn to ride. There is to be another article next month about how he got on.

Here’s the first article:

I won’t copy and past the text, because I don’t anticipate CC going belly up and losing all its back issues.

cool, are you like teaching him slightly or helping,or what ever lol.

I love your alternative to an avatar. Not so keen on the .sig.

I’m not teaching him as such. We’re several hundred miles apart (although, come to think of it, I did once teach someone to ride by e-mail). I’ve given him a few tips and pointers, and will give more advice if he asks for it.

I posted a link to the mag here a few weeks ago and Anth noticed the resultant traffic in his webstats. That’s how he found me. He was already thinking of writing about unicycling, so he asked me for info and pictures.

It’s a good magazine, one that I always look forward to, so I expected to get a decent unicycling article out of it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Cool article, I hope that he enjoys unicycling and that his articles help get more into the sport.

He’s finding it more challenging than expected. His original plan for two articles has now turned into a planned regular feature, the unicycle diaries.

Here’s part 2:

What a cool series of articles, Danny. Great exposure. Do you still FlyMo on a yike with a pint?

I’ve had very little opportunity to mow the lawn at all this year. It hasn’t stopped raining for long enough.