Unicycling Article about Me!

Here’s an article my friend’s mom wrote. I am guilty of bribe, though - I wrote my e-mail address on a dollar bill for my friend to give his mom. :slight_smile:

That was a really nice article. There are only two problems. 1 that it needed to be a picture of you on the column :wink: and 2 that they said unicyclists.com not unicyclist.com

But o well it was a great article and I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work.


Gak, I corrected her on her paper when she wrote unicyclists.com, but she must have ignored the scratch out mark. :thinking:

She also put I’ve gone on several distance rides with SARS, but I’ve only gone on one.

Hmmm. Check it out. I guess if I ever wanted to be a “Uni Cyclist,” I would go there.

Kudos on the article man.

SWEET man, people will be saying," Oh thats that one kid in the newspaper."
thats awsome… good luck!

pretty flippin sweet!!

tyler could you please direct me to the link with the movie of you saying one million words in one minute?
and where is proof you have skipped a grade?
just curious

Nice article, Tyler. Next time make sure the columnist has the camera pointed at you, not herself. What’s up with that? E-mail me the full resolution scanned version and I will put it in my gallery with the other articles about local riders. Send it to gregorycharper-AT-netscape-DOT-net.

Nice going, Tyler! Congratulations on some good press.

Re: Unicycling Article about Me!

On Wed, 30 Nov 2005 17:43:48 -0600, subsonic87 wrote:

>Hmmm. ‘Check it out’ (http://unicyclists.com/). I guess if I ever
>wanted to be a “Uni Cyclist,” I would go there.

That site hijacked my <back> button.

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“erectile function trumps public image - David Stone, commenting on the importance of seat comfort”

Nice article Tyler! You represented unicyling well, and managed to mention the SARs (uhh, does that formalize the acronym?) in the process. You neglected to mention that you owe us money.

Just a thought: while riding the STP is an admirable and lofty goal for any rider, there are better ways to spend your adolescence. You should really have a discussion with Bruce before you commit. It’s not like the sub-20 mile rides with the SARs. You will train for months at the exclusion of family and friends. You don’t bring a bottle of Bawls along. You learn about nutrition and hydration at the cellular level. And then–for two days of hell–you will wake up very very early, do NOTHING but pedal and eat, pedal and eat, at the same time, WITHOUT REST, for 10-12 hours straight, only to collapse into a few hours of muscle-cramped sleep before getting up to do it again. Man, you could be hanging out with a GIRL instead of doing that! It’s better, trust me!

While admitedly I have a vested interest here, I’d recommend you consider starting your distance-riding career with the MS-150 rather than the STP. The training is a bit easier (not much), the ride is definitely easier at 50-75 miles per day, and you have the opportunity (responsibility) to raise funds for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Do for yourself while doing for many others. Plus the ride is closer to your home, and you’ll have at least one person to train and ride with. I don’t think there will be any SARs riding the STP next year. Bruce was the only one of us “smart” enough to do it this year, and I don’t think he’s planning it again, at least on one wheel.

End of Tom’s mini-sermon :).

That works…

I’m interested to know what parts you censured out? What did you say you don’t want the forum to know? :slight_smile:


Great article, Tyler. It only costs a dollar to appear in the newspaper? Where’s my wallet…

I did find this statement interesting, “These require ‘big wheels’ that make a turn of the wheel for every turn of the crank.” Other than the handfull of geared uni’s around, every direct-drive unicycle no matter the size will make one wheel revolution with one crank revolution.

Nice representation of the sport, though. Articles like that permit the unknowing public to take a step closer to knowing.


Tyler - Good for you. Just don’t let all this praise go to your head though. :slight_smile:

Maestro, are you saying if the article had been about you, you wouldn’t have mentioned it here?

Congratulations Tyler. That writer’s description of you as a motormouth is just how I pictured you. :smiley:

My exact location and my dad’s name.


I don’t think I would have titled my thread ‘Unicycling Article about Me!’.

And in fact, I didn’t :slight_smile:

I think he’s just commenting on the fact that tyler often looks like he’s fishing for compliments, or bragging, regardless of whether he’s intentionally doing it or not.