Unicycling Around The World - Today!

HELLO ALL - Unicycling Round The World… REALLY?? hmmm

haha YEP !


Today, 22nd April 2013, I am hopping onto the ferry (not literally, saddly my kh29er is too heavily laden to hop far!) from Dover to Dunkirk, and setting off on my attempt to Unicycle Round The World … well, to Slovenia first, and from there we shall see!

Mad? Unprepaired? Absolutely Daft? Unfit? YEP!

You can follow the blog, see if your en route to bring out your wheel for a day and join me, let me camp in your garden or show me the sights!


Hope to see you on the road after a few adventures!!

Good luck on your way!

i wish you best luck
keep us updated

Good luck!!!

Keep posting, and if you’re planning to reach the Middle East, you will be our honor guest here in Israel :D:D:D

Have fun,

:sunglasses: Beers on me if you’re passing by my place. :smiley:

Well, if you come through the USA maybe you’ll ride somewhat close to my place…

Enjoy :o)

You’re in for some interesting experiences that will last a life time and you’ll meet some fantastic people along the way. I’ve only travelled around Europe and mostly Northern Europe with my motorbike and tent but have enjoyed every minute of it…even when things seemed to have gone wrong its given me new experiences, introduced me to new people and renewed my faith in human kind.
Hope your kit works well and you maintain the energy to keep going.