Unicycling and the law (UK)

I came across a useful article on the UK “bikehub” site.
Lots of info on Bikes, plus a section on unicycles, headed -

“You’ve lost a wheel mate” Unicycling and the law.


Apologies if this has been posted before, but I thought it might be of use.

That paragraph has been posted on a couple sites including the UUU :smiley: I’ve also asked my local police chief on Twitter about it and he’s told me as long as I’m not being dangerous (And I follow the same laws as bikes regarding reflectors/lights at night), it’s all good. I even screenshotted it because it was such a good conversation :smiley:

Thanks thats really useful Piece Maker. I was wary about the web one (due to the fact its more about legal loopholes than the law) but that clears things up better.

Good read, thanks both for the info :slight_smile: