Unicycling and sun

I like riding when it is sunny . The ground is less slippery. The dirt is firmer, knobbly tires do less damage to the tracks when everything is dry. It is funny how people relate the weather to how happy they are. Seligman can claim until he is blue in the face that happiness is unrelated to climate. How many times have you heard someone refer to the weather as being miserable when it is wet? And when its fine there are always positive comments unless there is a drought. I can be happy any time. The rain only dampens my spirits when I have planned something which is best in fine weather. Rain is always good when you are a plant or a tree, or if you are a hydro-power lake in need of more water to store. Without rain, life on land would be very difficult to sustain.

dont get me wrong, even tho i can fieplace/whitebearskinrug/redwine with the best of them, i love the sun and do not do (our version) of winter well

today is the first really wintery day here and after an overnight temperature of 5C, we’re looking at a rather chilly day with a max of 15C
i’m sure some of u must be laughing at these temperatures
the only downside of this weather is …


I like unicycling in the sun, but its annoying when you get “wristguard arms”, I’ve got tanned arms except for about 6 inches at the end of each one which are pale as a pale thing.