Unicycling and Heart Rate!

Well, then. If anyone else is looking forward to increased fitness, in addition to dexterity, as a result of this interest of ours, I’m here with good news.

I wore a heartrate monitor yesterday for the 40 minutes a was able to practice. Even just practice freemounting (with limited success, I might add) got my heart rate into the high 140’s. Actual riding got me up to the high 150’s and upwards. I averaged 144bpm for the 40 minutes and could’ve gone longer if I’d had the time.

I’m rather excited, myself. It takes an awful lot more effort running to get up that high in the rates, to maintain that average and I dread it. On the other hand, I can’t wait to get out and play on the uni and it does good things for me, what’s more.

Finally, a true motivation to exercise, and the reaping of fitness benefits from having fun. Huzzah!

I’ll have to burst your bubble a bit and let you know that once you’re good at unicycling, it takes a lot less energy to do, and your heart rate won’t get elevated just by simple riding and freemounting.

There are still plenty of unicycle activities which will crank your systems up; riding MUni uphill will remain a cardiovascular challenge forever.

I figured as much

Yeah, like everything else, I guess. I’m just glad to be putting my 230 pound body through the paces while I learn. Hopefully, by the time my heart rate decreases my body weight will have done the same a little.

moderation - consult your doctor, coz that weight + exercise = health issue.

don’t want a heart attack :slight_smile:

just gotta pace it.

BTW unicycling is really good for one’s heartrate. In just 6 months my heartrate went down from 63 to 53 … the doctor who is monitoring us at my office said he wished all thirtyish “couched potatoes” employees were as fit as I am <blush>