Unicycling Affiliations List

Let’s see how extensive of a list we can create with known unicycling clubs/associations/etc…

London Unicycling Club, Ontario, Canada
Toronto Unicyclists, Ontario, Canada
Unipsycho’s-Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

ascociation de monocycle du Quebec,Quebec,Canada

Unicycling Society of America (duh!)
Redford Township Unicycle Club, Redford, Michigan, USA

Memphis Unicycle Club, Memphis, Tennessee

The Unicycle Uni-versity of Rochelle, IL.

Meets Monday nights in the north gym of Rochelle Middle School 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Upcoming: Revolution! …our elite performance team.

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Uniques Unicycle Club of Washington. 2004 will be our 25th Anniversary Year!

Meet Tuesday nights at 7:00 in Edmonds/Lynnwood, Washington. Just 18 miles North of Downtown Seattle.

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London Unicycling Club, Ontario, Canda

Toronto Unicyclists, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa Unipsychos, Ontario, Canada

ascociation de monocycle du Quebec, Quebec, Canada

The Calgary Mountain Unipsychos, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton Unicycling Club , Alberta, Canada

Yellowknife Unicycle Club, NorthWest Territories, Canada

East Carolina University Juggling and Unicycling Club

East Carolina University Juggling and Unicycling Club, North Carolina, USA

Memphis Unicycle Club, Memphis, Tennessee

Uni-psychos Unicycle Club of Fort Worth, Texas (Their pics don’t want to load but I rode with them earlier this year, they have some good riders.)

Re: Unicycling Affiliations List

The club where I learned was called Unifun_2000. They have now sort-of
renamed to Keep on(e) Rolling, <http://www.keep-one-rolling.nl/>. In
the Utrecht area in the Netherlands.

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How about in the UK -
http://www.CumbriaMuni.com/ and

Club in Korea

Clubs in Korea…


Wild Uni

My own nameless one rider club:(

crying I’m all alone here!!:frowning: Surrounded by bikers.

A long list of clubs, mostly in the USA, is given here.

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Re: Unicycling Affiliations List

Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders


At the bottom you will see:

gym dandies

The gym dandies!!! Ya… Fing out more Here We own all the other groups… Who elce has over 250 members…And represented our state in the Washition Dc Morimal day prade!!..Peace_Kaycee

P.S. Sorry I can’t spell

International Unicycling Federation

Gold Country Unicyclists (Sacramento, CA)

Troopizi (Boy Scout Troop 121, Granite Bay, CA)

Defunct until someone revives them:
Long Island Unicyclists (Westbury, NY)
Big Apple Unicycle Club (NYC)