Unicycling adventure: request for ideas

One wheeled people!

I’m planning a unicycling adventure around the world, and I need your help. I’m applying for a Watson fellowship, and if I am selected I will be given a grant to travel outside of the US for one year, pursuing a project of my choice.

My project is to travel around with my unicycle meeting and riding with other unicyclists, and to discover and if possible participate in as many other offbeat sports as I can find. I’m looking for activities that, like unicycling, are hard to categorize: they should be challenging and fun; it’s a bonus if they are unusual, but have a devoted core of participants.

My question for the unicycling community, especially those living outside the US, is this: are you involved with or know of any other unusual sports? Have you ever been traveling, and seen people doing something that made you stop and think “I wish I could stay here for a month or two and learn how to do that”?

I have to come up with a list of countries I will travel to to present to the selection committee in a little over a week, but right now this request for ideas is very open ended. I can travel anywhere in the world (excluding the US, Canada, the UK, and Switzerland, because I’m not allowed to return to places I’ve already been).

Right now my only definite destination is New Zealand, so that I can attend UNICON XV. As long as I’m on the side of the world, I’ll probably visit Australia. Other than that, I have only tentative ideas: I’d love to go somewhere in the Himalayas, and I might try to join the 2009 unitour in Africa.

Do you guys have any ideas? Nothing is too crazy to suggest at this point in my planning.



Blow me. I travel outside the US every day of my life and no one offers me a grant.:frowning:

I think you should start with a 100 yard grind in each country you visit.:wink:

Did I understand right that you won’t be coming to the UK? Pity.

Some odd activities: dragon boating, kite surfing, Cornish wrestling, caber tossing, gurning, free diving for pearls, coracle racing.

Places to ride: Hadrian’s Wall (UK), Great Wall of China, Nazca Lines, Table Mountain, dunes in the Sahara, Giant’s Causeway (Ireland).

Shame your not coming here, you could have got to London and tried parkour/free running. Urban free flow hold gym lessons and training and they’re among the best in the world. Otherwise there is parkour in france, where it was invented.

Well, if you are coming to New Zealand you could do some Unitouring either before or after Unicon:

And then there is also the India Unicycle Tour in April :stuck_out_tongue:

That takes place very close to the borders of Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. It takes in the Himalayas as well (we get to see the third highest mountain peak Kanchanjenga). Quite a few of us are planning to travel to Nepal after the tour also.

I always thought that Kite Surfing, base jumping, hang gliding, and all of those sports looked like a lot of fun and are quite offbeat and usually have interesting people participating in them.

Also, look into Deep Water Soloing, that is a fun sport and I think that there are some places people do it where you are going.

Mountain kayaking is becoming popular too. You have to get special paddles to make it up the trails.


Oh yeah, for off-beat adventure sports, how about some unicycle bungy?

If you’ll be in New Zealand, you probably should try out zorbing:

There was a cool place in Rotorua that had zorbing. Unfortunately they were only doing the water version that day, I kind of wanted to strap in instead and roll around instead of slide around inside on the water. It was still fun though.

How about High Ropes and Tree-climbing (Vertical Hiking)?

How about kite snowboarding/ski or snow windserfing?

Not the best examples.

Kite bording, basically you have a power kite and a mountain board

Freestyle in Japan. Hockey in germany. 24 hour race in UK. Basket ball in Peurto Rico. Street in France. Racing in Switzerland or Japan.
Go to the places and events where people are really good at different types of unicycling and watch and learn and take part in training if you can.
Take your new experiences back to your home club and teach.

yeah sarah’s ideas the best so far

cheese rolling, shin kicing, nettle eating, bog-snorkling and any number of classic british sports.

The World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland.
The winner gets the wife’s weight in beer :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

X Pogo (Xtreme Pogo-Sticking)

Go to the Republic of Ireland and play hurling or Gaelic Football.

Hurling is mental!

It might be a bit silly, but is there some other way you could thematically link some places -

for example I met a guy who’d been to all the places named after him in Europe as a trip.

Places called Ben: from here

Ben (Arkansas, United States - USA)
Ben (Ohio, United States - USA)
Ben (Texas, United States - USA)
Ben (Quảng Nam-Ðà Nẵng, Vietnam)
Bēn (Ethiopia)
Ben (Burkina Faso)
Ben (Chahār Maḩāll va Bakhtīār, Iran)
Ben (Mali)
Ben (Papua New Guinea)
Ben (Nord-Est, Haiti)
Ben (Malawi)

He’d spend a lifetime in Scotland. :astonished: