Unicyclin' From A-Z

I have been planning this video for a while now, and I finally got around to making it. Here is my unicycling alphabet:

Great idea! I thoroughly enjoyed :smiley:

okay, since when did you get so good?? :smiley: your awesome man - keep it up :slight_smile:

omg, the x-roll was sick!
your editing is getting realy good too

really cool idea, could be done in so many different ways as well! someone else should do one. :slight_smile:

great riding too

Holy shit, dude you are freaking good!
I love the fifthflip and X-Roll!

Great work.

Thanks for all the comments!

Very cool! You’re really good!

Awsome video and awsome skillz!!
Thoroughly enjoyed watching this video, keep it up!!

Great idea and awsome riding :slight_smile:
It was fun to watch

Thanks, guys!

Bravo Feller))))))
Helps me identify those trick I read about.

Very instructive. I’ll use it as a reference.

Thanks, I’m glad it could also be useful.

Very original, and good riding as usual!

Thank you!


Everything looked so clean and controlled. Nice.