UnicycleTips.com is active

Hi Everyone,

UnicycleTips.com is now up and running. This was previously known as unicycle.2ya.com. It was developed by Peter van Boekhout (MUnimanPete) and Andrew Carter. Submissions from other riders have helped build this as a wonderful internet resource for the ever growing sport of unicycling.

Cheers everyone!

http://unicycle.2ya.com/ this place

does the origional site work or should i change my sig

The site hasn’t changed. I bought the domain name and it is redirected to the site. UnicycleTips.com just seemed easier to remember and it’s straight- forward. Typing in either address into your browser will work.

Great! Thanks again Rod.

I reckon if you can be bothered to do so, you should change the signature to help spread the new name around rather than having half the people refer to it as unicycle.2ya.com and half as unicycletips.com. It’s up to you of course.


So is this working for everyone? Because for me it is directing to this site (www.unicyclist.com) still…

I get thru to the right site.

Cheers for making it happen Rod.

This is rather puzzling. Peter emailed me yesterday saying that the direction didn’t work. I thought maybe with time it would work. Hmmm. I also thought that it might be a geographic thing with the world servers, but GILD’s post, I suppose eliminates that situation.

Here is the link to unicycletips.com http://unicycletips.com Does it work?

I just tried it by clicking on the above link, and it worked. Anyone else having problems getting through?

I want to help Peter out. Of all the people on the planet, why is he the one whose link doesn’t work? He built the site and should be able to get through.

Seems to be working fine from Texas;)

Australia and New Zealand are pretty close and it works for me. That point may, however, be horribly irrelevant and ignorant. :slight_smile:

Awesome !!! It works for me and I’m glad to see it back up !
Now all it needs is a link to my website :smiley: :o

Well it works for me today! So thats good, not sure why it didnt yesterday but yeah its all good now! Thanks Rod.

Peter, can we arrange that?

Certainly. Is that the link in your sig?

Since he visited it before it was set up correctly, his DNS cache had the old data. Root DNS is usually set to cache for a few days as it’s rare that the nameserver is going to change. Nobody else had a problem as they didn’t visit it until everything was correctly set up so no cache was used for the DNS.

YES !!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Great page !!! This should be very usefull for all riders in the world.

If you like you could also add the link to our page :slight_smile:
So you add one more language to the video links.

Yup both those links are now on the site. Thanks!