Unicyclesource.com - A Note From a Satisfied Customer

News group participants:

ITEM #1: Unicyclesource.com

After riding my 24" Solo Unicycle for about 4 months now, I decided to invest in
a Coker Big One. I have to admit that after reading some of the message
regarding potential accidents, I am a little nervous to start riding this thing
even though it is still somewhere between the US and Canada and I haven’t even
seen it yet. I won’t be trying it until after Christmas since my wife insists on
keeping it as a Christmas gift.

The main reason for my message is to indicate to anyone wishing to purchase a
Unicycle to check out Unicyclesource.com.

John, the owner, was most helpful, answering all my questions and showing a
genuine interest in my unicycling problems. When purchasing items to be shipped
from another country, it is important to have reliable and dedicated service to
depend on. I am sure I have found this high quality service at
Unicyclesource.com. I will definitely return, by telephone, when I am ready to
purchase a giraffe.

ITEM #2: Assistance for new riders

I would like to publicly thank John Foss for guiding me through the first few
weeks of my unicycling adventure. Living in a remote area is not the ideal place
to start a hobby such as unicycling without the guidance of an expert. I did
recieve a number of personal and very helpful emails from John during my first
couple of week on the wheel. I visited his website and learned much from that
experience, as well. Your assistance John was extremely valuable and set me on
the right track. Thanks!

For the information of any new riders, take time to visit John’s website and
learn the proper techniques before learning bad habits that will hinder your


D. Sheppard