im in the market for a new unicycle and i was wondering what is some good brands?

you’ve got to be more specific, like what kind of riding you’re going to be doing and what your skill level is at.

off terrain sorry i forgot to mention that

how good are u??

Drew, please try and tell us a little more about your needs, do some research at unicycle.com and feel free to search the archives of the forum.

Once you know more about what you want, then recomendations can be made. Your not the first to want to know the best unicycle, and you wont be the last. So take your time feel free to ask questions and do a bit of research.


Great choice of a subject line, by the way… :roll_eyes:

I don’t knopw how shipping works from www.municycle.com but their prices are real good.

www.bedfordunicycles.ca might be worth a shot.