Unicycles win at mountain bike race

Yeah, Our team came third in the men’s relay team entry at Woodhill forest 6 hour event yesterday. Tony certainly produced the lap of the day doing 13k/m’s in just over 41 minutes, this was faster than a lot of mountain bikers. He was riding a 26 schlumpf, really motors along. Enjoy the pictures.

Nice job, congrats guys!

That is awesome! Was it how many laps you can do in 6 hours as a team.


That is correct, we achieved 6 laps total, not enough time to do another lap. The lap length was a bit long to do more, each lap was 13k, our fastest lap was 41 minutes. Two of us only did one lap, wow was I shattered after my one lap. Track was mainly single trail as much uphill as downhill with options of small jumps and lots of tree roots and undulations. Picture is of our finish. It also started raining so traction wasn’t the best.

Great job, guys. Very impressive riding there!

Congrats!! Sounds like you guys rocked the place!