Unicycles to a good home, East Mids UK

First: it’s Newark on Trent, England, UK, Europe, NOT Newark, New Jersey, and it’s Lincoln, England, UK, Europe, not Nebraska… Read that again.

I live at Long Bennington in Lincolnshire, UK, not far from Newark, within an hour from by road Lincoln, Nottingham or Leicester, and not far from Newark Castle/Northgate stations, Grantham station, and Bottesford station (NOT the Bottesford near Scunthorpe!)

I have some old unicycles and parts to get rid of. I do not want to go to the trouble of posting them or using a courier. They can be collected or, for a few quid to cover expenses and beer, I can deliver them within an hour’s radius, especially if you convince me it’s a good cause like a club or Scout group.

Last time I tried to get rid of some old unicycles, some idiot wanted me to deliver them to Devon so that they could ride them off a ramp into their local river. No. I’ve had many happy adventures on these unis, and I’m not spending my time and money delivering them so some daft kid can trash them.

I have:

  1. An old Nimbus 36 inch frame (the one with the triangular side panels on the forks), fitted with an aero rim on a chromolly hub. The hub is square taper. It comes with a lightweight Foss tube and a TA tyre in reasonable condition. There is minor damage (strain) to the top of the frame near the cut out where I ran it with the seat post too short. I can fit your choice of crank length from the common sizes (around 110 to 170 mm) from my bits box. I can probably find a suitable seat post and I certainly have at least one spare seat and maybe some old pedals. I was riding this uni regularly until I got my KH36.

  2. The Holy Roller: a fairly old Pashley 26" Muni with a Holy Roller tyre. The wheel rim is alloy, fairly narrow. Holy Roller tyre fitted - nice for road and light cross country, steers well. Comes with seat, pedals and a choice of crank length. I run it on 125s. The Holy Roller’s frame is made of lightweight material - but lots of it, so it is quite a heavy uni by today’s standards.

  3. A Nimbus 2 20" uni. The Nimbus 2 had the “H crown” steel chrome frame. This has a red alloy wheel. Again, I can swap the cranks.

I don’t want a lot of money for these as I’d rather they were ridden than sitting in my garage. These days I only tend to ride the KH36, KH29 and KH24 and the Bacon Slicer. Be fair with me and I’ll be fair with you.

PM me. Although I don’t post much these days, I check the forum most days.

If there are no takers then next time I clear the garage they will go to the recycling facility to be purloined by someone who thinks he’ll learn to ride them on day but probably won’t.

For those of you who remember me from way back when, yes, I’m still riding although not as often as I used to. Now married with two grown up sons (their father passed away) both of whom ride from time to time. Now semi retired and doing a bit more bicycling, a bit less unicycling, and have just bought a 12 ft lugsail dinghy.:slight_smile:

Hi Mike.

PM sent.

So far, one person has expressed interest in the “Nimbus” and I think they mean the 20. Another person has made a fair offer for the Pashley 26 and KH36 and that is provisionally a deal unless they change their mind.

I haven’t worked out how to attach a photo to a PM so here are pictures of the Nimbus 36 and the Pashley 26.

I have briefly ridden the 36 today. The fresh mud on the 26 denotes recent use!


Very generous offer!
I’m a bit far, I would be happy to re-home those.
Surely someone will be happy to use them for real. How about Facebook? It’s pretty active uni-wise, at the moment.

With a bit of luck, I’ll be heading up the road tomorrow afternoon to give the two unis above a new home…

The 36 and 26 have now gone. Someone has provisionally agreed to buy the 20.