unicycles shaping the face of the Earth

Future paleontologists will be unnecessarily perplexed by the imprint that we, as unicyclists, leave on the Earth’s surface, if we do not properly document our activities.

For example, were this to be preserved as a trace fossil, it might be difficult to interpret… but with this photo, it is clear that it is a UPD, even if the organism were to remove the hard parts from the scene.

I would say that the theory will be that ordinary beings walked the earth or plodded along on clumsy bicycles. In this case, clearly one of those beings achieved an enlightened state of being and transcended into a god like creature and floated away. Leaving the vehicle of transcendence behind for others to follow.

This is why I LOVE this forum :slight_smile:

… after taking three clusmy footsteps

Yes. Brush up all the footprints, and the future archeologists will have to wonder if you flew away. :slight_smile:

It is also possible that they will assume than an alien invasion force landed on the planet and then converged to staging area’s called unicycle shops from which they conquered the world on foot.

Terrific post bristlecone. Hilarious!