Unicycles racing XC at Keyesville Classic MTB race

Location: Lake Isabella near Bakersfield, Calfornia

If any of you XC unicycle riders want to, there is an opportunity to enter a race at the 18th annual Keyesville Classic MTB race on Sunday March 19, 2006. This is for “beginners”. It is one lap on an 8 mile course that is supposed to be quite rigorous. Race starts at 9:00 am. Unicycles will be racing against classic moutain bikes from the last 20 years.

No registration fee to race!

Here is a quote from an email I recieved from the organizer of that event.

"The Keyesville course is more demanding. You are more than welcome
> to come by and check things out.I don’t have a class for you but we
> can put you in a beginner class (1 lap) and let you run. In fact if
> you and some of your buddies want to show up I will let you race for
> free, more as an exhibition. I think the diversity will be good as
> we are running vintage bikes as well.

Post here if you are interested and I can hook you up. Unfortunately, I will not be riding the event, this year.