Unicycles on Teabags

On the side of Tetley Teabags there is a cartoon of a kid riding a unicycle.


Must be a UK thing (or I’ve just got old tea :slight_smile: ).

Can you send a picture?


Here we go…

(Crosses fingers)


I got and interesting hit searching tea and unicycle.

Totally serious stuff. Just don’t try reading the disclaimer.

I am surprised that the shady software guys haven’t used this trick to keep people from reading their licensing terms.:smiley:

Thanks for the picture, fool. It’s good to know that unicycling ranks right up there with walking around in a carrot costume. :roll_eyes:

I like the part where it says he broke two of his arms. Good thing he still has a third :slight_smile:


They don’t need to because they know that nobody reads them anyway. That’s why Kazaa can give everyone who installs it a parasite.