Unicycles on Ripley's Believe it or Not?

Maybe I missed it (I haven’t read every post recently). Tom Miller told me there are some of his unicycles on a current show (to be replayed today?). I don’t have cable or satellite, but I might be able to get a friend to tape it.
Has anyone seen or heard about this?

I did a search of WTBS 's schedule. The show was rerun this morning. All it said about unicycling was "Jump Rope Unicycle - Chad Marquette will jump rope will standing on top of a nine-foot unicycle. "
Did anyone see it? I couldn’t figure out how to tell if/when they are going to run it again?

I didn’t see that one, I haven’t seen that show in ages. A while back I saw it with Kris Holm on there. It was some of the first Unicycling footage I had seen, and it was most impressive. There was a thread on it, found here. It must be pretty hard to jump rope on a big giraffe, that’s a lot of weight to be lifting without using your hands. I wonder if he uses toe-clips, if so he would have practised getting out of them in case of emergencies.

I did see that segment of the show. It was just good fortune as I was spinning the dial I saw the teaser. It was pretty impressive. They had clips of him gliding, wheel walking, one foot stuff etc. He was performing for a crowd , street performer style. Then he did the jump roping. He did not use a bungee cord or clips. He started hopping and then timed the swing with a very long rope. First attempt the rope got caught up an he had to bail, it was a long drop! Then he did it, ten jumps (that was his goal) and the crowd went wild.

  • Frank

I saw it too, it was pretty good, he had his 9 foot unicycle and jumped rope 10 times, he was really good at freestyle too, I think you guys should look into it