unicycles on planes

By making my own plywood boxes I was able to get in under the oversize limit and
still provide good protection for the unicycles. I fit one per box, and deflated
the twenty four inch tires. I was able to do this with a twenty four inch
Schwinn, and a twenty four inch miyata. I think I could also manage my new three
by twenty six inch frame by removing the wheel from the frame and building a box
with the appropriate dimensions. Of course we only hauled one unicycle per
ticket and so stayed within the luggage limits. I rounded the corners of the
plywood to prevent damage to other luggage. Although there was some question on
the return trip about whether the boxes were permissable, the manager allowed
them. This method requires some carpentry and tools and took some time to
uncrate and assemble when we arrived. The boxes came out the oversize ramp on
the return trip, even though they were not oversized.

Idaho Joe