Unicycles on Buses !

Would you believe a bus conductor wouldnt let me on a an almost empty bus with my trusty 20" wheeled steed. Im gutted, I often travel on various buses with my uni, Im now concered Im going to end up stranded somewhere that makes Hell look like a Holiday Camp :smiley:

Anyone else get/had/solved this ??

I take the train to and from school almost everyday of the week and I bring my uni there and back each time. Usally I am told “no bikes” as I enter, and when they see that its a unicycle they let me on. Other times They tell me that I cant have it on the train, and then I ask them nicely and tell them that I will be very careful with it, so they let me on.

It is a safty messure, if the train came to a quik stop and your unicycle was loose it could go bouncing down the isle and hit people.

so just tell the driver that you will hold it in your lap or somthing. I bring my 26 inch pashley on the train and it has a Gazz tire, its scary looking.
good luck,

I suppose I`m just lucky bus windows are very unicycle proof :roll_eyes:

You could buy a bodhran case (go to an Irish music shop) and cover the wheel with that.

Alternatively, chew a straw, sling the unicycle under your arm and say, ‘Hot dang! It’s a banjo.’ (Marrying your sister could help with this ruse.)

this is a great opportunity to flash my favorite picture off of unicycle.com(.John forgot to shave that day:D)

i want a bag like this.for your 20 inch wheel,the buss driver would’nt look twice for a uni,unless hes seen you before.

i dont think these come in sizes but they might.two straps to make it look like a backpack would be super sneeky.


Hmm, I never had a problem with that. Usually the drivers are so impressed that i can actually ride the damn thing they dont even think of giving me a hard time about it… even on sme pretty crowded busses.
-David Kaplan

The conductor just wasnt having it, she asked me what it was and the changed her ‘no bicycle’ crap into funky new ‘no cycles’ crap. When I questoned the logic of what she was saying, she nodded at the driver and they just shut the door in my face and drove away :frowning:

If you push the seat down, I think a 20"r will fit in a garbage bag.
That would mask it nicely

Re: Unicycles on Buses !

I actualy live near dan, and get on the same trains as he does. and
have the same problems as he does. usualy if you post an argument of
any kind, they will give in and let you on. all you ahve to do is
make it seem like they wont get in trouble if something happens and
his supervisor finds out. thats all most people care about. ususaly
it goes something like this, “uh hu, no way, nooooo bikes on this here
train”, “its not a bike its a unicycle”, “ok”. when this fails, i
usualy demonstrate how unlike a bike, my 20" can be held under my arm
with ease, and takes up no space at all unlike a bike, and is clearly
does not present the same dangers as a bike does. I’ve only twice
been actualy held off a train. once was in a group during a buisy
time at a buisy station. we just walked to the next stop and got on
with no problem. the other time he closed the doors as soon as he saw
us and drove off before we could open our mouths. fortunatly there
was a train seconds behind him, and we got on unhindered.

you do have to be respectful though, cause you are carrying an object
which can be potentialy dangerous, especialy on a crowdid train. i
usualy wont get on a train if htere are a lot of people standing and
just wait for the next train which is usualy less crowded. just like
i would if i were carrying a large suitcase or a piece of usable
furnature we found in the trash.

You should start the old lady argument. Where you ask the bus driver if he would let an old lady on one of those bike like things on and make an exception.


Ben, I like that. I will have to use it sometime if I ever face a mean bus driver.
-David Kaplan