Unicycles on bikes...take III

Ok all. Let me set the plot.

I needed to get far away, yet wanted to have my trials uni with me, without being burnt out.

I got this idea:

put uni on bike.

Phil soon one upped me, see this thread: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22853&highlight=phil+AND+sofa+AND+bikes

Phil, Phil, Phil.

You have met your match my friend.

The idea came to me as I was preparing to go to the cycling festival. (it’s a ‘let’s ride, not drive’ parade basically, so I knew whatever method I used, I wouldn’t drive) It’s far, which uni to bring? Do I use the bike/uni method? Do I just ride one there? Which one?

Keep in mind this method is completely untested, minus a few bumps and shakes. It seems solid, and I am sure I won’t have any problems, once I get used to the weight. I will take some more shots tomorrow in the daylight, perhaps with many bewildered eyes at the fest as a backdrop.

What could I possibly have come up with?

TWO ?!? unicycles on a single bike ?!? I’m afraid not, Phillip,




i guess you’ll need a response to… ‘where’s your other frame?’ looks like a fun ride.

Damn, I’ve been seriously outdone! I don’t think I can match that… unless I get a giraffe just so I can fit it on the bike somehow… :slight_smile:

I’m back to square one after my old rack broke under the weight of the muni on a bumpy track. I’m not sure how I’m going to put one uni, let alone several, on the new one.

How is that contraption for leg clearance? It looks like the seats could lead to some very bruised knees…


is that the F-bomb i see on your trials uni?

and hey while im here,how long are the cranks on it,im thinking about another T-uni but i dont want to use 145mm cranks on it.

Re: Unicycles on bikes…take III

Sofa wrote:
> Keep in mind this method is completely untested, minus a few bumps and
> shakes.
> |Download attachment: http://www.unicyclist.com/attachment/143728|

Umm, yes. Where do your knees go when you’re pedalling? You must end
up looking like you’re riding one of the old Pashley seats.

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I have to ride a little bit bowlegged to et around the seat tubes, but there is no knee-knocking.

Mrs Sofa decided for me that I better only take 2 uni’s as I may have nowhere to lock anything up to well, and 2 would be easier to keep an eye on.

It doesn’t matter, I slept in this morning anyways :frowning:

I’ll go tomorrow.

I did take it for a spin though, just because I felt I needed to.

It roade about as comfortably as it looks…very back heavy, quite difficult to turn, but I can get 3 uni’s to wherever I need to take them.

Jagur: They’re simple 127mm steel cranks. it’s my 3rd set so far…next time these bend I’ll be getting something better…although I really like the 127’s it looks like I may have to go to 145’s to get anything decent.

And…what’s an F-bomb?

have you bent them on big drops or just riding around? i want what evilewan wants,a trials/freestyle uni without going to 145mm.

an F-bomb is what you will say somday when your hub threads strip off because you dont pound them on :stuck_out_tongue:

Like a cross between the F word and a time bomb. Am I right?

they were always bent doing drops (2-3 feet)

this was before I started doing the rollout.

They all lasted for several months though

Very impressive Sofa. Can’t help think that is some sort of ‘sign’ as we plan how to get as many uni’s as possible to the Bike Fest that the uni club here is Vancouver is attending in a couple weeks time. :sunglasses: