Unicycles on bikes, part II

Back in November Sofa spoke of his carrying of a uni on a bike. Always one to plagiarize a good idea, I almost always transport my trials uni in a similar manner now. It takes a minute or two to mount it, but you can get there and back quicker (and so extending range of trials playgrounds) and avoid getting a sore bum when coming back.

I found a new place to muni last week, but it’s rather a long way off… so I tried mounting the 24" muni on the bike. It’s not quite so neat as the 20" uni, but it seems to work properly given enough bungee cords.

I had a witty retort ready (“Next time I build a tricycle, I’ll read the instructions…”) but sadly didn’t get to use it.

Next trick is to carry both at once… :slight_smile:

Strange thing… I finally bought a helmet yesterday. I go for years without hitting my head once, then the day after I get a helmet I drop one end of a bungee cord, and Thwack! on the helmet it goes. The question being, would I have dropped it were I sans helmet? Hmmmm.



does any rubing between the 2 wheels occur. it looks like the might rub a little.

I, too, enjoy stealing other ppl’s ideas, but sadly, I am not able to ride a bike very well anymore. Sure I used to be able to ride a bike, but I have been uniing about 100 times more than biking and the last time I tried biking I fell in my driveway. It’s a flat driveway for crying out loud. I’ve pretty much given up on bikes except for my little tiny one with 6" wheels. I may have to try bikes again sometime, but not before I try some trails that I have yet to ride…(on my uni). There is one around town that has been there for a long time, but I haven’t had the urge to ride it until now. That was way off topic, but it made me think about my inability to ride bikes. :frowning: I’m so sad. thanks for reminding me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool arrangement, Phil!

And funny that you should mention that you can hardly bike any more Unisteve. I have a similiar situation. I have been uni’ing full on since July when I learned to ride. There is literally hardly a day that goes by that I don’t ride. I commute to work on my 24 inch freestyle, play trials on my 20 inch and ride my MUni on trails on the weekend. I mean full on, or nothing for me!:smiley:

I haven’t touch my mtn bike since the summer. In fact I took it out to my parent’s place a few months ago to store it as I just wasn’t riding it and it was taking up valuable space in the studio where I live.

So then a couple of weeks ago I was transporting someone else’s mtn bike on my car bike/uni rack. As I was taking the bike over to the car, I jumped on to ride it there. To my surprize and amazement I had a little trouble riding. No kidding, it seemed so weird to have handle bars, I actually had a little trouble steering with them…!! Go figure, eh?!!

Who would have thought so much uni riding would just push the bike riding coordination off to the side in one’s brain? But it does seem to happen.

Well this is one problem I have an easy solution for: just stay away from bikes and keep on uni’ing. :wink:


Damn, Phil, you one-upped me!

Here’s wehre it all started…

3 wheeler.jpg

I will admit defeat if you can successfully carry a coker on a bike. Until then… :slight_smile:

I can’t say I’ve ever “forgotten” how to ride a bike, as I still use it more than the uni. It is however sometimes frustrating as to the things you can do on a uni compared to a bike… you can’t (well, I can’t anyway) hop it round really sharp corners, or carry it around. On autopilot I’ll ride it up to the doors of a building I usually carry the uni through, and then realise I can’t do that on a bike…


I brazed a bit or seat post onto the back of my old commuter bike seatpost and slid the uni frame onto that (sans saddle) and locked it in place with the uni’s seat clamp. It was very stable and fine for larger wheels.

No pictures, sorry.

Neat idea, nb. With the right length, you could have the uni wheel lightly touch the bike rear wheel, and have it pedal with you.

One time I had to carry my broken bike to the shop on my uni. That gotta couple of wierd looks from people.

That must have been something to see! I’ve carried a uni on a uni before. A bike must be quite a handful…