unicycles in the movies

Beirne wrote:

>I just saw a unicyclist in “Searching for Bobby Fischer”. The faceless person
>was wearing a head-to-toe suit made out of aluminum cans and riding on a path
>in a park in NYC. The whole scene was about 10 seconds.

I’ll have to view that, but I wanted to mention that I think I have a photo of
the same guy in a calendar I purchased from the International Human Powered
Vehicle Association (IHPVA). It is called the “cycle and recycle 1994-2005-2011”
calendar–since those years have exactly the same calendar you can save it and
use it again. Each month has a picture of cycling scenes the world over.

The picture for June shows “the can man-New York”. A guy, covered in alumin(i)um
cans, riding a unicycle. You can just make out his face through a hole on the
costume, even though it is heavily shadowed. He might be near a park, but seems
to be riding on a street (a parade?). In the far background are tall office
buildings, middle ground is trees and an smallish old stone building with an
arch and columns, people and bicycles on the sidewalk in front of it.

I was thinking of stealing this concept for a parade here in my wife’s hometown.
There is a movement on to get the county-wide volunteer recycling program taken
over by the county as it has grown beyond the abilities of volunteer staff to
support. This would be a good theme “float” for the Homecoming Parade.

Alternate idea, totally unrelated: me riding unicycle in a straightjacket, my
kids in white coats chasing me with butterfly nets.