Unicycles in South Africa ?


I’m a newcomer to the adventure of unicycling, but I’m hooked. I just can’t find retailers in South Africa on the internet. Can anyone give me some contacts on unicycle stockists in SA? I’d like to compare prices over the net before buying in SA or UK or elsewhere.

It would be appreciated.

Closest to you is probably
Unicycle.com New Zealand

Or Andrew Carter in Australia- can’t remember his website sorry.

Re: Unicycles in South Africa ?

south africa’s been out of stock since about november
we’ve been monitoring the situation closely and it seems as thought olympic cycles in cape town is bringing in a container ‘soon’
when that will be is a very good question
both westdene cycles and linden cycles are expecting stock ‘soon’
hatfield cycles in pretoria is also allways a good bet

what kind of uni r u looking for?
a couple of us are thinking about getting a joint order from uni.com
postage starts at around $150 so we’d like to split that as many ways as we can

where in south africa are u?
i’m in j’burg
give me a call sometime
082 684 7399
or mail me
unigild @ hotmail . com