unicycles in school.

Last school year I took my unicycle in about 3 times into school, at first they told me to put it in the bike rack and it didn’t fit so they told me to put it in the office so i did and it kept falling and it made them mad so i ended up caring it all day. am i the only one who has brought a unicycle into a school? i am planing on riding in a group of around 4 to 5 people to school every 2 months.


I took my 20" to college when i learnt to ride, I got a few funny looks:p I carried it with me as I only had one lesson, the joys of being a student. :smiley:

Fell over?? you should have put it upside down and lent it on a wall! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh I’ve taken it into school a few times now, i just stick it in my tutors cupboard and hope to hell (KH24) it doesnt get stolen :slight_smile:

i dont put mine in the bike rack, i just leave it in a classroom with a teacher i trust(and who locks the doors)

My friend used to put his Trials uni in his locker! I just put mine in my father’s truck who parks right beside my school. I used to have a 2nd locker just for my uni:)

i could of put it upside down but it could of got stolen. and i like riding from class to class!

Why didn’t it fit in the bike rack? Do mountain or bmx bikes not fit either?

I rode mine at school, after classes were over. I got suspended for two weeks! :frowning: Of course, this was waaaay back in the late '60’s, haha! I also got suspended other times, for golfing and skateboarding on school grounds!

In my case, school may well be “out forever”…but I “graduated” to Home depot, Target, Walmart, ect! :slight_smile:

the walmart here re wrote its rules just for me. and it wont stand up in the bike rack and a corker is also to big.

im going at school in unicycle too :stuck_out_tongue:
i have a skateboard backpack, so i always strap it on my back in class, its funny :stuck_out_tongue:

thats cool how well does it fit

Not meaning to burst your bubble, but many schools have unicycle programs. In the late 60s/early 70s the St. Helens School in Newberry, Ohio had nearly every kid on a unicycle. They were even allowed to ride up and down the halls! Those were the days…

Depends on the rack. If it has narrow wheel slots, a Trials or MUni tire might not fit. Not that you can’t still lock it up (depending again on rack and lock shapes).

What is this obsession with trying to make riderless unicycles stand up? The best way to park a unicycle, if the wheel has to be on the ground, is with the seat also on the ground. Or upside-down with the seat as support.

they gave me another locker for my 20

my principal yelled at me and my friend and said “NOT IN MY SCHOOL (or sumthing like that)!!” after we were doing a bit of trials on rocks next to his car :stuck_out_tongue:

i often ride through the campus because it is between a main street and the bike trail. there are usually a few people around, but i just keep clear of them.

any ideas for storage

I’m just hoping my school will even allow riding a unicycle TO school. Storage wouldn’t be a problem, being that I’m a bass drummer in the marching band. (The storage space is HUUUGGGEEEEEE, more than enough for a unicycle.)

Bringing it to classes, or storing it in my normal locker, however, is insanely unlikely.

I got a club of about 11 people or so at my school and we found a teacher that has a big closet to put the unis in. We just get to school early and put it in then get it out at the end of the day and ride around school grounds. We’ve been doing this for almost 2 years and still get funny looks and comments from some people. I wonder when they will start thinking it is normal…

I bring it quite ofter to school since it’s exactly in the mid way between my house and a park. Once I got an authorization to ride in the gym and used to ride it in sports classes too.

I used to carry my 12 inches bunny cycle around school too. Got some trouble while jumping onto the teacher desk with it… Also when I fliped 3 friends with my street uni in the sports class…

There’s a HUGE grind a 3 stairsets right in the middle of the school… I’ll be done with highschool in 4 months, so I’m planning to grind it in the last school day… They will not advert me, suspend or kick me out :stuck_out_tongue:

OMg lol yeah, thats awesome,
but u have to do it, when everybody is outside, cz u will have a HUGE crowd :stuck_out_tongue: