Unicycles in parade on CBS

At the end of tonight’s news, there was a small clip of a parade. There was a group of kids on unis! Don’t know where the parade was, but the name on a drum was Capitol Guardians.

It wasn’t our school group - Scarborough, Maines’ Gym Dandies. This is them in the 2012 Cherry Blossom Parade.

They did the Philly 4’th of July parade a couple years ago.

There are a number of school groups in the US that have unicycling programs (two in Maine). Scarborough’s is one of the largests with at least 100 kids. It is a great opportunity to teach the kids something fun that is physically demanding and travelling to parades exposes them to museums and cities outside of Maine.

The funny thing is that it doesn’t seem to lead to more adults being active unicyclists. I haven’t run into any other adults on unicycles. But that being said, I did learn because my daughter is in the school group and she gave me a uni for my 51’st b-day three months ago. I am now pushing other parents of unicycle kids to try it and have become a univangelist. I think they need to be convinced that there are more options then the 20 inch parade unis their kids ride.


The other Maine group was in Washington for the 4th. The Woodside One Wheelers from Topsam, Maine.

Green Shirts and carrying flags?

Group on CBS

The group on CBS was the Woodside One Wheelers from Topsham, Maine. The parade was the National Independence Day Parade. We featured 52 riders including 29 on giraffes.