Unicycles in Hawg Heaven?

I’ve been following the big Hawg Rally in Sturgis, SD. The town seems to know
how to extend the welcome mat to some pretty tough hombres. Maybe we could get
them to host a Black Hills Muni Rally. I like the idea of unicycling the

I’ll check it out.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

Yeah, we could get some of those guys with the really loud creaking profile hubs to cruise up and down the street making a heckuva racket. They may think it’s like a little Sturgis rally with just a few less wheels, still plenty of loose screws and chrome galore, but many less trailers. BTW, how do you ride on oil slicks?

Then we could get the guys with the non-creaky Profiles to laugh at the guys with the creaking Profiles.