Unicycles in Airports

I had a fun experience flying home from Langley last weekend. For a little background on my story, I talked myself into buying a new uni when I was there.
When I went to check my bag and uni, 3 of the WestJet girls came and kind of stared for a few seconds at my uni sitting in front of me while I wait for my ticket and all that other airport business. after 10 seconds or so, one suggests that they don’t give me my ticket until I ride it for them. So I was more than happy to oblige. It’s fun riding through an airport with a bunch of people sitting around. Everybody was watching.
When I arrived in Calgary, they brought my uni out to the area where they have the fragile/sports equipment/inadequately packed items. The guy that brought it out was probably 60 years old and looked it. When I walked over to pick it up, he asks if it’s mine, and when I answer “yes”, he looks at me and states, “If you think I’m impressed, you’re right, I am”. I smiled at him, picked it up, hopped on, and rode over to the carousel to pick up my bag. He stood and watched until I was out of sight. I think I made his day.
It’s a lot of fun making people’s day. I think I’m gonna make an effort to do that more often.

Re: Unicycles in Airports

Hmmmm, a Wheel of Miss Distraction…


Were you at Langley AFB, in Hampton, Virginia? That’s where I lived until I was 5 (10+ years before unicycling). The base was practically in our back yard. My dad worked there, for NASA, when they were shooting for the moon.

Nope, I was in Langley, BC. It’s about a half hour drive from Vancouver.