Unicycles for sale

Hey all, I’m getting out of unicycling and need to sell my unicycles. It was fun while it lasted but I just don’t have the time anymore so I just thought it was time to move on.

The first one up for grabs is a 2007 Torker Unistar Dx 24". It’s in perfect working condition and the only damage that has been done to it has been cosmetic. I never learned how to bail of the unicycle and catch it, so it has been dropped a quite a bit. Don’t worry, I never took this off anything higher then a curb (althought it could certainly handle more). This is a great unicycle suitable for all skill levels. Like I said before everything is perfect on this unicycle minus the scratches. The seatpost was cut down a bit, but not too much. When I first bought this unicycle it cost me $300, but wouldn’t you know it ebay has it listed for $240. However after shipping it would cost you $280, so I think I"m being fair when I ask for $175. Price is negotiable but not by that much.

The next one I have for sale is the perfect learner unicycle. Its a Gravity 24" and is practically in new condition. I only rode it for a few short weeks just to learn the basics. However, one day I was feeling brave and took it down a three stair. I landed it, but somehow I slightly bent the ends of the hub so now it has sort of a wobble effect when you ride. I don’t know if its fixable but a new hub shouldn’t set you back that much. At anyrate, this thing cost me $100 new. So I think a fair price, taking the hub into consideration, would be $50.

If anyone is interested please message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Happy shopping and take care!

Very interested in the DX. Does the 175 include shipping? WHere are you located. Thanks