Unicycles for sale!

Hey guys!

I live in Vancouver British Columbia but work just across the border in the city of Bellingham so I will attempt to sell these local to save cost but if no takers come around I will figure out a shipping method to get these out to you!

I wanted to let you guys know that i have a few unicycles that I am
wanting to sell since at this time in life I have decided to get more
involved in Rock Climbing and part ways from unicycling. I am needing
to sell these as soon as possible to fund a upcoming climbing trip. Now I have posted these on the Vancouver Unicycle forum to see if anyone wants them first but if I get no takers its free game. I thought I would post them now so people can have a look and have some time to decide.

Below is a list of what I have and what I am selling them for. here is a link to a set of photos of all the unicycles. http://www.flickr.com/photos/8931292@N05/sets/72157625045513075/

(prices are negotiable) SO TAKE A LOOK!

  1. KH chromoly trials UNI stripped the paint now its red (everything
    included except for rim) it also has a Maxxis creepy Crawler tire to
    go along with it. $120.00

  2. KH Aluminum trials UNI with 2 month old DX32 rim and brand new
    spokes. The unicycle has signs of use but its still in really good
    shape. $275.00

  3. 24" KH Aluminum MUNI. This Particular Muni is actually the first
    ever aluminum frame designed by Kris himself. It is bare aluminum and
    still has raw metal parts that make it up. The frame looks identical
    but the bearing housings are made out of three different pieces.

Even being the first ever aluminum frame it is just as strong as the
new ones (MOAB tested) . its equipped with a KH gel seat, Mugura
Hydraulic brakes, profile hub and cranks, and DX32 rim. The tire on
there is pretty worn so I do have a spare 24" tire that goes along
with it. Not only is this a great MUNI but it is also a fantastic
piece of history in its own way. $475.00

email me if your interested.


no takers!!???

mabey the first one

is the first one isis

Yeah its the eight spline

8 spline isn’t ISIS. That one is the old KH 8-spline hub that was on the 04/05(?) KH unis.

Jaco is right.

My bad yeah the old 04/05 frame has the 8 spline and the aluminum one i have is ISIS with the old Blue KH hub.