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I would like to know where people can buy there unicycle, and especially Koxx-One unicycles.

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It usually depends where they live.
In the US, most people buy from either UDC, Bedford, or Renegade. In most cases anyways.
I buy from Unicycle.co.nz (UDC NZ), I loves ma gun.

I know, but that is why I think it is interesting. If a lot of people answer me, we will be able to know who are the biggest dealers in the world in different places.

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New Zeland




These are the first who came in my head.

i bought my first uni from unicycle.se, the swedish unicycle store.
then i bought my koxx orange bud from a local sports shop, they get unis from sweden too.
after that i bought my KH from a friend who stopped riding, i think he bought it from sweden too.

France :

thats two that i know in france but i know there are more

Thanks for your answers!!

Yeah, there is ABCelectro, and PassePasse that sell unicycles too in France.

Sorry for my english…

US - trialsin.com


Canada - bedfordunicycles.ca


AE bikes, for KH’s at least. I don’t know if they still have that deal going on or not though.



Thanks a lot for your answer.

But, do you know if divison8 has a website??

There is a list of online unicycle dealers in the links section here on unicyclist.com.

If anyone knows of online dealers that are not listed there please add them.

The link to the web page for Division8 in Canada is there. They are the Canadian distributor for Koxx-One.

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Unicycle dealers.

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i got my orange bud from rennegade juggling…
those guys are pretty nice…

You just have to look at the koxx naming policies to know all about that :stuck_out_tongue: