unicycles as a practical mode of transportation

I was reading this week’s Reporter Magazine (my university’s publication), and there was a list in the leisure section entitled the 7 best things about campus this month. One of the items was:

“The increasing popularity of unicycles as a practical mode of transportation.”

When I started riding on campus several years ago, I was known as “the unicycle guy.” Then eventually, I was very pleased the first time I heard a friend say to another in an unimpressed tone, “oh, there’s another unicycle.”

Jeff Lutkus

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There sure are alot of unicycles on campus. I have lost track of them all. So Mr. Lutkus why haven’t I seen you riding lately?

Soon we will take over campus.

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to make it more work worthy look at the reveiws section on the finaly got unicycle trailer pics my design tech work what fun!

I would love to ride to work. I live 3 miles from where I live and there is one small hill. However, the thought of arriving all sweaty and having to change into teacher clothes without an available shower ruins it for me.

As a comprimise, I have driven to near work, on occasion, got out the 29er and ridden the rest. It works, but I feel like I am cheating.

This morning my 8 yr old daughter and I rode unicycles to her school instead of walking. I then rode home with hers over my shoulder. Today she was a celebrity.

You have two homes!:smiley:

I must admit that the best perk of the building I work in is free showers and lockers for anyone who uses alternate modes of transportation.


Originally posted by teachndad
I live 3 miles from where I live… However, the thought of arriving all sweaty and having to change into teacher clothes without an available shower ruins it for me.

You have two homes!

Arrrrgh, okay, okay, it’s been a long week with the third graders.

Mandell, thanks for the good laugh just after school ended.:smiley:

Right now I am the only one on campus who rides a unicycle, much less a 6 footer. By default I have become the “freak show”, even outdoing all the people who sport piercings, tatoos, metalic appendages, dread locks, collars, chains, etc.

However, years ago there must have been a unicycle craze for a short while because the town has an ordinance against riding unicycles on the street. Although I frequently break this ordinance, I constantly watch for police when riding to school–I don’t know if the police would enforce it. I have never been stopped. Still, I think it is a draconian measure.

I was told that the ordinance was passed because unicyclists were participating in Critical Mass–a group of bicyclists who purposely ride in packs to block traffic to make people aware that bicycles are an alternative mode of transportation which should be respected. The city council couldn’t outlaw bicycles because too many people ride them, so they chose to pick on unicyclists instead. It is really a contradictory measure because I live in a university town where parking is tight and the university and town officially encourage people to not drive.

Anybody else live in a city where unicycles have been banned on the street?

Anything we can do about it?

Ordinances can be changed if you are able to get the ear of a sympathetic councilperson. It might require you to . . . get political. . . . Testify at a hearing. . . . Lobby! It does seem worth a shot, though. The unfair treatment compared to bicycles is your best argument. Laws have been passed and repealed for more specious reasons!

That was cheating :angry: :wink: . Why don’t you just ride? Who’s ever heard of a bunch of third graders getting critical of their unicycling teacher because he’s a bit sweaty? I ride a lateral 2 miles to school and 2 miles back each day, and I’m on San Francisco streets. Tons of hills to the point where a 20" is faster than a 24" just because of the available torque. Also, on a 29er on flat ground, you can get there easily without even breaking a sweat. At least try it 1 day. I think you’ll like it. You could also take public transportation up the hill, too. I occasionally do that after a long day.

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>teachndad wrote:
>> *I live 3 miles from where I live…

>You have two homes!:smiley:

You don’t get it :slight_smile:

Two days ago I lived 18.5 km from where I live. And I have a single
home for sure. I just started a ride on the 29’er at home, and
returned almost 1.5 hours later. That BTW was my longest ride to date.

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