Unicycles are the greatest single invention of all time

Just one hour ago i was riding my unicycle in the dark at the bottom of my road. My legs ache like mad now and so do my feet other than this I had the greatest time ever

until one hour ago my best was around 30-40ft. this was smashed when i went approx 200ft it felt awesome and the adrenaline pumping stopped me from feeling the pain from all the pedallin LOL

Just thought i would let you know cos im dead pproud of myself
YEEEEEEEY unicycles

Congrats on the progress. Ninja’s are awesome unicyclists you know…

thanx man i hope this ninja is an awesome one gotta keep practicin

Congratulations you could probably go as far as you please now…


Congratulations…I remember that feeling! You might like to check out www.unicycle.2ya.com for some tips and tutorials.


Wait till you clear yer first speed bump! The adrenaline hits all over again! And then there’s riding off curbs, hopping up stairs, riding off road… Sigh… I wish it weren’t 12:46am on a night when I need sleep before school… I’d go riding!

I can go down curbs already so YEY
just need to practice freemounting and im pretty much set

Hi Ninja

I’m pretty much in the same boat as you - 10 hours now, with the last couple spent trying to free mount. I’ve done 3 or 4 successfully and I’m hoping it’s suddenly going to click! My breakthrough moment was on Sunday - going 30 yards, turning left 90 degrees, then carrying on for another 70 yards! And then doing it again!

I’m logging my progress here http://unitim.blogspot.com if you’re remotely interested :slight_smile:



Big congrats to Ginja-Ninja and Timpent!

As well as all the awe-inspiring vids from the level umpty-ump riders it’s good to hear news from those like me who are at the foot of the learning curve!

I’ve read through your blog too, Tim, and I’ll be popping back from time to time, so keep it up!

I just learned to drop kerbs (fear was the stumbling block) and am working on idling and backwards riding. Oh, and freemounting my brand new 29" (about once every 50 times :frowning: )