Unicycles are in the logo for a bike event.

There is a special edition of the Warsaw Critical Mass organised each year to commemorate the Warsaw uprising of 1944. Each year they get nice logos(they go on posters and official event t-shirts) with bikers wearing uniforms or helmets used in WWII but this year the official logo is:

Now please tell me what do you see there. Me and my friends are certain about what we see. 3 of us in this years t-shirts would look like a factory team :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool. Is that supposed to look like something else? All I can see is unicycles.


I see unicycles too.

But looking at the middle image down at the bottom makes me wonder if those are supposed to be handlebars and front wheels, headed to the left.
Like you’re looking at the front of the pack.

Kind of like this:

That makes sense - I wonder if that’s what they were thinking of.

Thiv: is it obligatory to take part in the event to get such T-shirt?