unicycles and the RIT Juggle-in

I don’t know if anyone’s familiar with the RIT Juggle-in
(http://www.rit.edu/~jugwww)… it’s a juggling convention that has taken place
every april for the past 23 years at RIT (Rochester, NY). All right, not
important if you haven’t… I’m looking for advice on including unicycles in the

When the Juggle-in first started, the gym floor was in unimpressive shape, and
the turnout wasn’t huge. People juggled, and many brought unicycles. About 10
years ago, the gym floor was totally resurfaced, and those in charge of the gym
remain quite proud of it, and will not allow unicycles inside (we even put a
huge tarp down to prevent damage from juggling clubs). Besides, recent turnout
has been large enough that there would realistically be no room for unicycles
with all the jugglers, anyway.

As a unicyclist, I would like to see unicycles added back to the juggle-in, but
an not sure if it will be worth while for everyone. Here are my ideas…

There is a room very near the gym where the juggle-in will take place (in fact,
you can see into the gym through the window) where we can make provisions for
unicycles. It will cost us a few bucks to setup, and it’s not huge, but it could
be done. Alternately, if it’s a nice day, we can go outside and have fun, but
that’s never a certainty (last year it snowed). Finally, out ice rink might be
available. It will be drained by April, but construction may be taking place.
That is the ideal solution, but we would have no idea of its status until it is
far too late to advertize.

So, the only above solution I can commit to (that seperate room I mentioned)
would most definitely segragate the jugglers from the unicyclists. I would tend
to think that could detract from the event. I know that as a juggler, I would
not want to spend all my time away from the big gym. (We will be needing at
least one person to stand by the doors – we have people sign waivers for
insurance purposes).

There remains one other possability. The juggle-in takes place starting on
Friday evening, and ending Sunday afternoon/evening. The largest turnout is
Saturday, where there is open juggling the entire day, and a show at night.
Turnout Sunday is small, and we tend to move to a smaller gym. We have a less
large-scale show Sunday afternoon. Turnout Friday is about the same as Sunday,
though, we start out in the big gym because it’s setup by then anyway.

So, the alternative there, is to make Sunday, or perhaps Friday the designated
Unicycle Day. We still won’t have any larger places to choose from on Sunday
than we would on Saturday, but with a smaller turnout, the room will not be
crowded as quickly.

So, I ask, does anyone have any comments on what the best solution might be?
Should I presue the unicycle presence at the juggle-in, or just keep it for the
jugglers? If we promised you a spot to unicycle, would that make you come if you
wouldn’t have come otherwise? If we can tell you there “might” be a place to
ride, would you still come?

Thanks for reading this massive e-mail, and thanks for any advice.

Jeff Lutkus RIT Juggling and Unicycling Club (we need a cooler name) President

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