Unicycles and the law in Germany

Hello everybody!

I read Jodie McNeill’s request about legal considerations in New South Wales.
This is a very interesting question as I’m riding my uni very often on the road.
So I wonder if you could give me some advise for the same topic under German
law. There are some more specific questions I am interested in:

  1. Can I legally ride on the road?

  2. Can I legally ride on the sidewalk?

  3. Am I made to have lighting like bikes?

  4. In Germany there is a traffic sign called “Stopschild” (with a car you have
    to stop in front of such a sign, by bike you have to stop and put at least
    one foot to the floor). Is it ok, when I idle or bounce at such a sign for
    some seconds or is a dismount compulsory?

                            Thanks in advance,
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