Unicycles and Hydration???

I just got a new back pack type H2O hydration system. My old one is a camel bac, this one is made by Gregory.
Question: What is the best way to clean the water bag before the first use? Hot soapy water and __________________?
Any recommendations?
I need to stay well hydrated on the SHJag29er. Maybe someone can provide a link. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. --chirokid–

You can clean them with bleach and water to kill anything that may grow in the bladder. CamelBak and some of the other companies sell special brushes to clean the tube and inside the bladder. When putting the hydration pack away I stuff a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll in the bladder to allow it to air out and dry.

If you want to get rid of any funny tastes in the bladder I use denture cleanser tablets. Rinse it out a couple times afterwards to get rid of the denture tablet taste. Ah, fresh and clean.

Re: Unicycles and Hydration???

Keith, does that bad boy hold gallons of water? I’ve seen you sweat, and on a 29er it must really be bad.:wink:

John, what a great idea. I can’t believe it never crossed my mind. I wore a retainer for years, and I love the taste of denture cleaner tablets. It has been like 15 years since I wore a retainer and just tlaking about it brought the taste back to memory like it was yesterday.:smiley:

Thanks for the tips. I have just finished washing it, everything tastes normal for the time being.

I will remember the denture tablet trick (Any suggested Brand?).

Bug, yes, the bladder is BIG! One Gallon, hummm, how long will that last me. I’m sure I’ll still use my smaller CamelBac for shorter rides. In fact, it is due a DENTURE TABLE now! :smiley: Maybe I can go raid the Old Folks home down the road. There should be plenty of denure tablets in the place. --chirokid–

No real suggestions. I’ve been using a generic store brand that says “Compare to Efferdent”. I think any of the brands would work just as well. I made my decision based on price.

But what about quality? Don’t you want your camelbak to taste minty fresh? You don’t want any gum disease now, do you?

Now that you’ve gotten that “new” taste out of it, try this:
I replaced my old camelbak with a new hydration pack last year. I keep the bladder in the refridgerator with water in it and don’t have a problem with things “growing” in it.

We have enough chlorine in the tapwater in Memphis, that I’ve never had a problem. I leave water in it and it hangs from a hook inside the airconditioned house. I dump the old and refill with new before (most) rides.

I’ve never SEEN (or smelled) anything growing in there. I must be building up a nice little immunity to the microscopic stuff that might be in there. This probably only works because it gets used a couple of times a week.

I appreciate the tips tho. Maybe I’ll give it a thorough going over before the spring season.

(For all you grown-ups out there) - swill a bit of whisky around inside the bladder. No life form on the planet will be able to survive inside, and the residual taste has “fresh & minty” beat all to heck!


I’m on well water, and it’s pretty rich so it’ll grow algea pretty good. So what I do is empty my hydration bladder after a ride and throw it in the freezer

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I use the freezer also. Just roll the bladder up and it takes up less space
in there. When you go to fill it, run water over all of it and it will
defrost very quickly.

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> I’m on well water, and it’s pretty rich so it’ll grow algea pretty good.
> So what I do is empty my hydration bladder after a ride and throw it in
> the freezer
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i keep mine in the freezer too. i never had any probs.

every so often to get rid of any old tastes i use milton sterilising fluid. make up as it says on the bottle and fill your hydro bladder with it, leave it to stand over night then rince.

like the idea of whiskey though!! :smiley:

Thanks for all the great ideas. I really enjoy my new hydration system, it seems great. I have stored it in the refrigerator a couple of times already.

I will try the freezer, but first I’ll have to find a place for all that ice cream? Yummmmm! :smiley: --chirokid–

Well, I have made a new discovery.

Before my next ride, I need to fill my camelback with ice cream and whiskey!

On the other hand, you could make a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

Make sure you use a well-insulated bladder.:smiley:

HYDRATI0N, Hydration, hydration, not Intoxication! Just wanted to make my original intent clear. --chirokid–

PS: Several months ago, a thread was on the UCF about what a group of unicyclist should be called. If following some of the above advice, I think the term “Wobble” would win as the proper group name. :smiley:

Way to go chirokid. Now the uni community will be thought of a bunch of drunks on unicycles. That’s not the kind of PR the sport needs. You should be careful about what you post! Didn’t you realize that your question would lead to this?

I won’t be riding with you in Kentucky if you start filling your hydro pac with whiskey.

Still sober, :sunglasses:


Seems like this topic has come up at least once before:


wherein vodka is suggested as a cleaning agent. There’s no accounting for taste, I guess, although someone followed up and recommended adding orange juice the next day :wink:

Moderation in everything (except uni)


Thanks Doug, also some good info in your link.

As for BillHam, you don’t have to worry. I may wobble, but I won’t be because I’m drunk. Kentucky is just 1 1/2 months away, Yippppeee!!!. --chirokid–