Unicycles and exchange rates

I’m looking to buy a nimbus isis trials uni, and I was wondering as the pound is now so strong against the dollar ($2.30 to £1) if it would be cheaper to buy from the states. Anybody know roughtly how much the shipping would be (to london area) and also if there is any major faults in USA UDC costomer service?

any help apreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t really thing that the pound is strong or the Can $ is strong but that the US $ is loosing value. I thought that I was going to save money last year by buying through UDC instead of locally but ended up spending $110 on shipping (which I expected) then $190 in duties! And we have so called free trade.

All in all It ended up costing me marginally more and took more time than getting a local retailer to order it in.

That said, shipping and duties are not in any way their fault. I have found that their customer service is quite good.

wow I was expectin $50 or somthing. Ah well chears, guess I’ll have the stick with good old uk udc then.

You make that sound like a bad thing.

I ordered an Onza trials bike from the UK last March

Shipping was about 200 $. Customs not so bad. You Limey’s have the VAT that Yank’s don’t have to pay. The total bill was about 800$ for an Onza TV from Bike Dock.com. There are only 3 shops that carry trials bikes in the USA, and they start at 1200 $, then go up from there. High end stuff.

Took about 6 weeks to get here, and was smashed ! Like a bear was looking in the box for lunch. The DHL driver suggested I send it back, and as parts were missing (along with a third of the box), that’s what I did. I eventually got all my money back, but the crap got lost on the way back across the “pond”. So it took another 3 months to get back my $. In the meanwhile I bought some uni’s. So fate was not so bad.:slight_smile:

Anyway, IMHO it is a big pond. I really don’t think a UK rider can do better then Roger at UDC UK. At least not buying from over here. Factoring in all the extra time, shipping costs, and box eating bears, the dollar would have to move way further south before you should consider shopping west.:slight_smile:

When I ordered my KH, I had to pay $25ish CAD for shipping. When it reached my door, I found out there was another $125.06 waiting to be paid for customs.
I was quite disappointed. :frowning:

Although UDC is great service, I think I’m going to wait for Brian to open his unicycle outlet whatever place before I get anything else.
Stuff from the US is too expensive to import.

Yeah, whats wong with woger?

The only time it is worth it is for some low end products that we can’t get over here. In my case, a Torker TX giraffe. I would have had to fork out £170 for the nimbus, but got the torker for little over £100. Not as good I know but i just wanted a cheap giraffe.

Absolutly nothing, I’ve recived very good service from UK UDC :slight_smile:

They probably dont like you. My service has always been amazingly quick and eficcient. I wish all companys could be as good as them.

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The other bummer about importing (new) stuff from the US is that you’ll get charged VAT and import tax when it comes through customs. It’s really got to be ridiculously cheap to make it worth it if you can buy what you want in the UK.

But if you know somebody who’s coming over from the US (or you’re going there) and can sneak it back in luggage it might well work out cheaper (especially if you forget to declare it at customs).


Hmmm I do know sombody whos going to the sates but I think it would be abit much to ask to arange dilivery times and trials unis are a little big for a sutcase.

what, I don’t like being disliked cries