Unicycles and Accessories sale

I need money for farm school and can’t take my unicycles with me when I go, so please buy them. All prices are negotiable. :slight_smile:
KH/Koxx One cross
-KH frame
-Koxx saddle & post
-KH hub w/Sapim stainless spokes
-Arrow welded rim (nothing stronger, period)
-137mm KH Moments
-VP pedals
-Maxxis CC with great tread
-Rollo disks

'77 Shwinn

20" Nimbus BC Wheel
-Kendra Kikzumbut tire

-Koxx One frame $50
-Black metal Try All pedals $15
-110mm KH Moments $50
-KH leg guards size Small $45
-Switch Uni Mag issues 3 and 4 $5 each
-Uni mag issues 6 and 10 $5 each
-Unicycling is Not a Crime DVD $10

I couldn’t figured out how to upload pictures on here, so I posted them on Facebook.
Here’s a link: https://www.facebook.com/taylor.ethridge.33

Here’s the photos

Noooo don’t sell all your uni stuff!

Dude, you’re a technological wizard! Thank you.