Unicycler's Profesions and origins

I’ve seen mentioned in a couple places (who’s sources I now forget) that unicycling tends to draw people from technical fields. So I now beg the question: What profesions are represented by the unicyclists here, and how/why did you get into the sport of uni?

Personally, I’m an English Major, Computer Science Minor (Former Major, but to quote Malibu Stacy, “Math Is Hard”). The only other uni-er I know is a Physics Major. I found a uni at the garbage transfer station, learned to ride a bit, and eventually got pretty, well, obsessed :wink: I’m interested in Muni (I learned on a gravel driveway/dirt road in New Hampshire) and Trials/Street. How’s about you all?

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I am an IT Engineer, I have a degree in Geography with concentrations in GIS(geographic information systems) and Town Planning. My older brother calls me the American Kris Holm b/c Kris is also in Geog. School and we both share the same birth date…now if only I could uni as good as Kris. :wink:

I crossed over into unicycling from mountain biking. I spend 90% of my time on one wheel mainly mountain unicycling but also enjoy urban riding, freestyle, and I am also trying to improve my trials skills. I am trying to stay well rounded but the trail is where I’m really at one with the wheel.

My brother, who does not frequent this forum is a Guitar Instructor and an advert/song writer. He got into uni right after I learned to ride…it looked like too much fun for him to pass up. He rides 100% urban, he only owns a Torker Stealth 20" but I am slowly persuading him into getting a mUni!

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Then make sure your spokes are tight so you don’t taco your wheel! :smiley:
I’m a non-techical person. Science hurts the brain.
I graduated last year from college with a degree in Humanities and a minor in TESOL. I now teach at a school where I teach English to people from all over the world. I also work at a restaurant making balloon animals.

I’m an aspiring film/theatre actor/director, but I’m only 16. But I’m totally resolved, I will make it in that industry.

I unicycle

I am a technician at a Cadillac dealership. I have a dirt bike/ mountain bike racing background and found neither to be challenging enough anymore, so I “dropped a wheel”

I am a “Lead Instrumentation System Servicer” in a major aerospace company.

What does that mean? Oh, uh, I calibrate systems ranging from simple gauges to computerized systems and fix industrial electronic equipment - and electronic technician with delusions of accuracy. :sunglasses: :astonished: :wink:

I have a BS is geophysical engineering and an MS is Computer Information Systems. I do computer and network security and some programming. I took up unicyclling because Muni looked like so much fun and a real challenge. I’ve found it to be both.

I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.S. in Human Resource Management. I worked as a mechanical engineer for a couple of years before I joined the Army 15 years ago and became a helicopter pilot. I’m now the executive officer of a battalion task force and fly Apaches in Afghanistan. I think I’m the only person with a unicycle in Afghanistan.

I started unicycling as a kid when a neighbor got a uni for Christmas. I bought one for my kids about three years ago and started looking for other unicyclists in the area and met Rolf Thompson. He got me started on muni.


It makes me wince to do this (I get alot of flack for this), but…

I see you’re from Quebec and English may be your second language. I am not an English major but I do know how to correctly spell “profession” and I know what the phrase “beg the question” actually means and how to use it properly.

I have an MSEE and work in the Nuclear Physics Lab at the University of Washington. I’m working in a technical field but I would much rather sunbathe or write poetry for a living. Oddly, I have found no adequately compensated openings in these fields.

I unicycle alot because my knees won’t let me play basketball anymore. Now I’m doing extreme things unicycling and my knees are complaining again. Go figure.

Hitting the submit button was probably the hardest thing I did today. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

“In science there is only Physics, all the rest is stamp collecting.”

I’m a Web Developer, but this was only arrived at after a long and meandering road that started with an unemployed student (when I learned to ride) and passed through working at an ice cream store, a clothing store, being a UPS driver, working in a factory, a movie theater, teaching circus skills, and of course being paid to ride unicycles.

Among other things, that is.

I’m a mechanical engineer working in implantable medical devices. So far it looks like 75% of the replies to this thread indicate a technical background. Can anyone out there with a backround in psychology answer, “Why to nerds like to uni?”

Can anyone out there with a background in english tell me what “Why to nerds like to uni?” means? :wink: :smiley:


btw, im a student. my strongest fields are physics and math, and i hope to become a surgeon one day.

I have been an HVAC Mechanic for the past 8 years. Before that I was a professional photographer and mini lab manager for 10 years. Prior to that I was an electronic technician working for Raytheon for 6 years.

I worked in a photo mini-lab also! Also in an ad agency art dept., where I operated a process camera. I don’t know if anybody uses those anymore…

And though I am not a psychologist, I can offer some hints as to why nerds ride unicycles (or why unicycling attracts nerds), in no particular order:

  1. Nerds like to think a lot. So do unicyclists.
  2. Nerds are not social animals. Unicycling can be done solo.
  3. Nerds don’t mind standing out.

Something else you may notice if you ever go to a large unicycle convention. Unicycling attracts a lot of “odd” people as well. In this case my meaning of odd is people with poor social skills. I’ve seen much less of this at the MUni events, but the “mainstream” unicycle conventions have more of a mix.

I’m a Medical Doctor- graduated a couple of years ago.

At our NZ Unicycle Nationals last year we had four people with PhD’s, an assortment of people with post-grad degrees, and lot’s of engineering/computer/rocket scientist types.


White Water raft guide, (25 years) Professional Ski Patrol, (25 years) and owner of a Design/Build Renewable Energy company that specializes in solar heated radiant floors and photovoltaic systems for remote homes.


Im beginning to feel a little left out here. I am an average to below average student. I dont mean to “toot my own horn” so to speak, but I am an intelligent person. there just isnt enough interest in my schoolwork to bring it up. I know that shouldnt happen, but its true. Sad, but true. I hope to one day be a pastry chef after attending the Pittsburgh School of the Culinary Arts. I also might do a little pro unicycling on the side, if I ever get that good. :wink: I am just an average student, with an above average sense of balance. wish I could be as smart as the rest of you!!!

Quality Assurance Manager for a small manufacturing company that makes shims, mostly for the aerospace industry. Probably sounds technical, but my work is more tedious than technical. I’ve also done some sales in my past and also owned a bike shop for 7 years.

Unicycling beckons to a person with a sense of adventure. A person with an “I can do it” attitude. Those are the kind of people who can get through the rigors of the education often required for a technical field.

I think many uni riders also enjoy being in the spotlight. Don’t know how that might tie in with tech minded folks.

Hey doofe… I’m a western PA rider also, but am 3 hours south of you in Washington, PA.
Don’t put yourself down, just because you aren’t as bright or don’t aspire to get a technical job. Most people would rather eat a great pastry than read a technical article from a science journal. The stomach usually wins out over the mind! Sounds like your future profession will be appreciated by more people than most of the tech folks. :smiley: