unicyclers in perth?

hey im from perth western australia and wanna now if theres any in perth


i think the term is “unicyclist”, and yes, there is some in perth

I’ve been to Perth. Not too many Americans can say that.

Clarification: Not too many Americans can say that truthfully.

In fact, not too many Australians, either.

I loved that city (except the flies). Gorgeous, and so clean!

Yeah im from Perth im up in the hills, theres a group of us up here but unfortunatly they ride Muni’s and i have a trials

Greatings to Perth! A friend of mine, Martino Hellman, lives there. He was the singer of a Band called Prawns with Horns, maybe you know them / him.


december 2011

Hi all!
I’m from Italy and on next december/january - if all goes on the right way - I will be in Perth for a month. I like MUNI and if someone is interested on meet there, I’ll apreciate!
I wouldn’t bring with me my 24" muni but I hope I’ll borrow one there.
See you soon!

No idea if they still meet weekly, but check the Perth Unicycle site. You might be able to find some other riders through there.


Also, do check out the Australian Unicycle Society website, pretty handy for finding riders/clubs in Australia:

Ok, thanks for your tips Rollot!

hi ventinove there isn’t too many unicyclists in perth… but post over at perthunicycle.com and we may be able to organise a ride while your over.

i’ve got a spare 26’’ nimbus muni you can borrow, and happy to show you around up in the hills.

whats bringing you to perth?

cheers unit

Perth wanted to be the destination where try to change life! :wink:
But it hasn’t been possible… so, I’m going to spend my holidays there and I would like to know more about commonalities and differences than Italy.
I would be eager if we could ride around peth hills!
In the next days I’m going to post something over perthunicycle.com.
See you soon.