unicyclers in perth western australia?

hey i live in perth west oz and all my friends used to unicycle but they all skateboard now and no one will come so if you no any guys aroun 12 years of age that unicycle tell me !


it’s the biggest freaking state there is and theres like nobody out there :P. i’ll come visit you when i make my country trip in a year and a bit (assuming parents allow for it), i’m planning on covering 16,000 km’s across australia.

happy unicycling and good luck finding somebody!

lol there was not a single person from perth at UNInats last year but im pretty sure there is 1 guy who posts on these forums. i think he is into street and stuff.

Look me up if you are ever in melbourne.


well im from perth been riding 2 and half years but i keep a relatively low profile. I ride with my friend robbie (hes on the forums too) and thats about it. We mainly do flatland stuff and a bit of BC wheel too. We’ve just finished filming a 7 minute video, i’ll send you the link once we’ve finished editing it :wink:

oh and btw i plan on going to Uninats next year. I wanted to go to the last one but i was going on holiday to bali with a friend visiting from england and that took priority.

Awesome, see you there.

PS are you related to Peter from NZ?

no but it is coincidental that two people have the same last initials and both unicycle. I have a brother called Pete. I don’t know what his last name is but mines van bockxmeer. im pretty sure his is van something too.