Unicyclers in manchester?

Yesterday (saterday)i saw some unicyclers near urbis in manchester there must have been around 10 and i was just wondering wether it was anyone of the forum and if so, is it a regular thing? and would you mind if i came along one time?

cheers matt.

Well I just think it might have been [thread=61761] these guys [/thread]

Ooops. So how did it go then? and whens there likly to be someone doing sumthing like this again?

unfortunatly i coudnt be there this weekend so il have to leave it to someone else to tell you how it went. im sure someone will write an interesting write up for us.

we normaly meet every month in a city in the north of england. you should definatly come and join in next time

this site seems to be working alrite again now:
that outlines moer clearly how it works


cool, your 16 i see, maybe if youve left school liek i have and have bags of time on your hands you could meet me and anytoehr riders available one day?

hay mat

i live in chorley, thats near manchester

im pritty sure you had a go on my unicycle. the day was good you should meet with us.

and there was 7 of us.

bye bye

I’m always up for a ride in manchester, couldnt make it to that NUTS meet tho. PM me if u want to go for a ride sometime.


dale, which matt are you talking to ?
i remember meetin you at a NUTS i think, you had the white frame right??

Yerr matti i have left school so yer i do have bags of time. so yer im deffinatly up for another meet aswel as NUTS. i love those kinda meets.

if anyones passing through york over the summer let me know any we can go for a ride. or we could all meet here another time??


whats people upto this friday? who up for some riding in manchester? or anywhere i can get to on the train for less than £3? im not very good at unicycling, but i think if i meet and finaly get to ride with others i might actualy improve a little!

yeah thats right i have a white frame. Id be up for friday but i dont have much money

ill add you on msn mate.

bye bye