unicycler on treadmill on letterman

I know some people were talking about unicycling on a treadmill. Well, on letterman this thursday there will supposidly be a unicycler juggling balls on a treadmill. FYI.

I just saw it right now. He rode a 6’ giraffe i think at 4 mph and juggled 3 tennis balls.


Don’t know how long it will be up:


Click on “Dave TV” - “Big Show Highlight”

For future refernence they may be archived here:

Stupid Human Tricks

Wow! That’s pretty impressive.

Could this be a way of clocking our maximum speeds in the comfort of our own homes? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just saw it on TV. The rider was Bob Besman of Kenab Utah. The initial time he spent holding on wasn’t due to instability, he was pushing buttons to get it up to speed of 4 MPH.

Unicyclist tonight. It’s OPRAH on Thursday.

Screen shot from CBS.com, it was brighter on TV:

Letterman Juggler.JPG

the funny thing about Oprah is that Dave has been trying to get her on the show for like, 5 years. She is a megalomanic that doesnt ever want to be on the other side of the microphone but Dave finally got her…

i dont think its going to be very good though, probobly a couple of softball questions and then a plug for her next book or charity…

i can only hope that he mentions Ellen’s show taking her on…Ellen D is the best thing to happen to day time TV in a long time. i liked the show better though when it was on at 10am PST.

that can’t be a 6 foot giraffe. looks fiveish to me.

Also, I think it’s pretty cool to know that with a little work I could do that too. I think most people on the forum here think that. hehe.

That clip finally motivated me to figure out why my RealPlayer connection wasn’t working.

Enlighten me please. Mine only showed me about 5 stills during the entire clip. I was going to wait till someone else asked about it.

At first i wasn’t sure he would be able to do it. He almost ate it hard. I can just imagine him trying it out the first times and flying off the end. haha. very impressive though

Yeah, is there any way that someone can post it in the gallery? Maybe at home it will work, but here are work with all the proxies and firewalls, it sure doesn’t.

The riding/juggling part is pretty easy, once you get past the mount and start-up process. The hard part is getting on Letterman. Congratulations for that!

But I’d have much rather been on the old Johnny Carson show, where variety acts were treated with the respect of skilled or unusual performers, not “Stupid Humans” or “Is This Anything.”

sorry, you would only be allowed during Joan Emery’s segment. :sunglasses:

Hah, small world. I know Bob. He used to juggle from time to time with the Wasatch Front Jugglers, the club I belonged to when I lived in Utah. Not sure if he’s still active, but at one time he was a full-time circus performer. He is an awesome juggler, and also quite skilled on the rola-bola. I’ve seen him construct and then mount a “three stack” (three levels of board, each balanced on its own cylinder), then juggle clubs while on top. He’s a master of the unstable platform.

I put the video clip in my Monster gallery. Scroll down to the bottom.

The video is in Real Media format. The gallery doesn’t quite understand Real Media files and thinks it is an audio file. It is a video file. You’ll need RealPlayer to play it.

Thanx John!

1st EDIT: Your link seems a bit dodgy tho.
I get this error message all over the screen when I click on it.

2nd EDIT: But it’s ok, you just have to scroll down past all of that.

The whole gallery is doing that. Gilby needs to kick the server. Just scroll on down and ignore the error messages. It’ll all work.

JC, you again show you’re The Man.

Bob did a good job making that trick look harder for him than it was. Having seen him build and mount a three-stack rola bola, this trick was nothing for him…he was in control fully at all times.

I tried to find a good image of a three-stack and failed. I’m ticked at myself that I never got pics of Bob doing his act in Salt Lake. I was too busy reeling in my jaw from the floor. Here is a picture of a fake four stack, but if you look closely, you’ll note it’s really just a single rola bola with extra layers of boards on top. A true three-stack is a pvc tube on the ground topped with a board, topped with another pvc tube topped with a board, topped with another pvc tube topped with a board. The pvc tube in the middle layer is perpendicular to the other two, making the stack a true 360 degree balance apparatus, and much much more difficult to ride than the four-layer apparatus in the photo.

FYI, Bob has also written a learn-to-juggle book…not sure why, as his real talent is in the unstable platform, where he’s got some game equal to Rhys Thomas.

Still not quite what you’re looking for, but it’s getting there.