I while ago I started making a page called unicyclepics.com (I didn’t know about unicyclepics.co.uk… Sorry about the name.)

The site is still under construction, so feel free to come with suggestions and critics. (please don’t flame me)

Feel free to register and upload your pictures. :slight_smile: More stuff is coming soon, like a messaging system, member list, … uhh… Give me some ideas :slight_smile:

I know that some part of the site still looks really bad, but I’ll fix. Don’t worry.

Thank you.

You should have a video section.

Good idea. I’ll see if I can do that soon. :slight_smile:

You categories lack organization and fail to cover unicycling appropriatly. My suggested format would be:

-Group Rides

-BC Wheels

-Finished Works

hmm, snapshot of the day would be great. Along with a voting system for the pictures, would be cool. Also cool, would be a service offering for other sites to include parts of your site. So, for example, let’s imagine you put in the snapshot of the day. I would love to integrate this to my site (www.einradfahren.de), where I just put some lines of HTML Code in there and that’s all.

As well I wish doubled categorization. One for the main categorization on the main page and another one for the registered users. So go through this use-cases: I’m unknown to unicycling. I go to your page and will look for some pictures of some street riding (I’m skateboarding and met a unicyclist in the skate park last week, he told me about your site). So i’m fine with watching street pics. The other use-case is, that i’m involved with unicycling and looking for a picture of … whoever… jeff doing a bc-trick. So, i’m going to your site, looking for “jeff groves” go to his gallery where only pictures by jeff are and browse his categories, go into bc and i’m happy with finding a pic of jeff doing a bc-trick.

If there is a top-level-domain (tld) with .px you can register unicycle.px would be awesome but i’m sure such an exotic domain will cost a little, so ask for sponsors. But i’m sure there could be a great cooperation between unicycle.px and unicycle.tv on for photos and one for videos, sounds great!

Go ahead! Ride on

I might be able to do something like that for you with my site (www.unicyclepics.co.uk) if you’re interested? we have a No.1 pic at the mo. section and also top for each style.
Pete. :wink:

Have you got PHP set up on your server?

Me? Yes

no sorry not you, i realise you have php set up :wink: i ment gossi…?

How would you like this to work? I can now see you’ve got PHP, so it’s quite easy to make it so you can display the no.1 one image off my site. would you like it as a thumbnail that you can click on to ether inlarg, or go to the page on my site where you can view and also vote on it… what would you prefer? :wink:

P.s. nice site. :slight_smile: