does somebody know something about it?


When’s the next issue coming out?

I thought it would be february?

ha, ha, ha.
But, When it will leave the magazine number three? Somebody knows it? :thinking:

It comes out four times a year, so March is the scheduled time for it. Probably near the end of march.

hahaha … as a journalism student, i loved that answer to the closed-ended Q lol

so is the magazine online, or does it have to be ordered?

On Feb. 11th I got an e-mail from Mike Penton. At that time he said issue three would be going to the printers in three weeks. How long it takes from that point 'til we get the magazine I don’t know.


i thought i read that issue 3 was coming out in january :thinking:

i thougth it would be out in february

hey guys it’s an e-mail of Mike from me! look at it…

[I]Hi Pablo,

Issue Three should be mailed out on the 31st of March. This will be confirmed on our website and the forums when it has been mailed.

Mike Penton



At this rate the Spring issue (#4) will come out next Fall.
Uni mag is gonna have to either skip a season or put out a double issue soon. Hopefully a double issue! lol

That’s what I was reading in issue 2… On one of the last pages.

read this too Third issue of Uni and impending price increase for US