#unicyclelife Podcast S2E3 - Mark Fabian: Trials World Champion

Hi all,

I’ve been super busy and didn’t have time to record a podcast episode in April so I made May’s episode extra long to compensate.

This month we spoke to trials world champion, Mark Fabian. We spoke about how he got into unicycling, how he stays competitive as he gets older and the process behind his huge video projects.

I hope you enjoy this episode. As usual, I encourage you to join in the conversation by leaving your comments or questions below or email: unicyclelifepodcast@gmail.com

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I must admit I didn’t think a podcast about unicycling would be very interesting, but I checked it out this evening and it’s actually pretty great! I’m going to work my way through the back catalogue…

Glad you enjoyed it, Jim.

I’m not sure what you were expecting, but unicycling is one of the most interesting things to me :smiley:

Oh, I like unicycling and find it interesting. I’ve just never been into the street/trials/contest scene, which I figured your podcast was going to be mostly about. Turns out it’s pretty interesting though :slight_smile:

Although my roots are in urban riding I ride mostly muni these days. I’m trying to make the podcast about unicycling as a general sport rather than just about urban riding. So far this year I’ve had Rebekka Wiedener and Ed Pratt on, so hopefully those episodes are more interesting to the wider unicycle community.


Just as some feedback Edd, I really enjoy your podcasts and they are a lot easier to find now as well. I especially liked the ones with Ed Pratt and Rebekka, I guess they align more with my interests, but although I don’t do any trials stuff I find the discussion on things like that interesting too – listening to this month’s one certainly didn’t seem like it was two hours long :smile:

I typically listen to both your one and Phil’s Unicast while driving, having these available on Apple Podcasts hopefully makes it easier for folk to do things like that.

Anyway, thanks for these and what you are doing with STFU. I kind of fall into the category of thinking I’m not good enough to go to a group ride, hopefully other’s are not so reserved and you get good turnouts.

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