unicycleisnt from defect or universe 2

Hi was was just wondering who here was in defect or universe 2??? the only one i know of is shawn J.

yes, i know i didnt spell unicyclist right…

dan heaton, kris holm, zack, jess ?

they talk on these fourms???


not kris so much anymore exept for threads about his unis

this jesse? /

lol, It’s good to know i’m probably the most active posters from defect and universe 2, haha. Cool. Yeah a lot of the riders don’t post often, not sure why, maybe busy, I know Kevin M is busy. But yeah.

-Shaun Johanneson

no i think its jess riegel who just post a sweet video of him

yea i think those riders are kinda cocky. not like all of them, but some. like xavier and you dont seem cocky, but justin kohse seems it. maybe im wrong

jess is in defect?!

Yeah, I think there is only one clip of him falling off his bc wheel in Defect and there are more shots of him in the bonus footage.

yeah, that one where he’s drinking a soda, and a BC wheel rolls by, and he hops on, rides for a while, then lets it go and keeps on walking and drinking. except the successful one is in the bonus features I believe, the one where he falls off is in the real movie.

and i think there is also sabin a.

And Brian Lundgren, uniextreme or something like that…

I think I saw Dan Heaton post a couple times, and I know I’ve seen shaun, xavier, zack baldwin, brian lundgren, and ryan atkins post too.

ben polting swing

dan is uniryder he postsin a lot of defect threads and shauns threads

isnt justin kohse(sp?) in defect?

Oh yeah, forgot, him too.